Treating Clients Fairly


Our committment to you...


  • At The David Smyth Practice we will continually aim to be the company that clients are happy with and happy to recommend to their friends and family

  • We will at all times, tell the truth, deal openly and treat our clients fairly

  • We will give correct information and adequate explanation to enable our clients to make informed decisions

  • We will endeavour to honour any promises we make and deal with matters in a timely and efficient manner


This statement is designed to ensure that The David Smyth Practice is treating clients fairly through the adoption of the FCA's principles that drive "Treating Customers Fairly".


These are as follows:


  • We undertake to pay due regard to our clients and treat them fairly

  • We will conduct our business with integrity and not put undue pressure on our client

  • We will deal with fact finding in a confidential manner and ensure that our client fully understands why we are asking questions

  • We will be sensitive to situations where a conflict of interests may arise. We will take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of the advice we give to our clients and design a solution best suited to their needs whilst taking account of their budget

  • We will clearly disclose any key facts and fully explain the product and service


Servicing Standards

  • We will deal with complaints in line with procedures laid down by Openwork in a quick, fair and efficient manner

  • We will endeavour to contact all clients annually to offer a review meeting